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Sanger On 20$ Bill ? Please Post To Your Face Book And Send Out - This is an Outrage!

Sanger On 20$ Bill ? Please Post To Your Face Book And Send Out - This is an Outrage!

Does Black Lives Matter to Black Leadership?

Does Black Life Matter?

Pro-Life African Americans March Nationwide to the Supreme Court Hoping to Bring an End to Abortion.

Pro-Life Pastors Rebut Liberal Clergy Claim that Ministers ‘Should Never Oppose Access to Abortion.’

Congresswoman Robin Kelly and BET Networks - Bamboozled or Just Plain Traitors?

Will Cory Booker and New Jersey Clergy “Marry Again?”

Black News Rejects Commentary of Dr. Martin L. Kings Letter From Birmingham Jail!

The Church In America Has Forgotten.

Obama Thinks Abortion Is Gods Will?

Rev. Childress Sounds The Alarm on The Alex Jones Show.

Is Obama The Trojan Horse?

This Is Diabolic!!

Why Hasn't Anyone Conclusively Denounced These Allegations?

 Irene Monroe

Will We Ever Be Able To Close The Book On The Identity Of The President?

Special Treatment For Union and Federal Conies Of Obama - No Obamacare

One Year Later And Still No Justice Nor Explanation.

Palin Censored During Campaign By McCain Operatives

The Dawning of a KING'S Dream -- Addendum.

Washington Post Pits Pastor Childress Against The Commander & Chief

Pastor Childress Viewed As "Extremist" by Pro-Choice Women's Magazine

As Inauguration Approaches, Obama’s Most Virulent Foes Want The Celebration Stopped.

Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will be $20,000.

Rev. Dr. Childress at Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallly.

Obama's America 2016 the movie.

Michelle's Last Four Years - Lest We Forget.

A 13-Minute Video Every Voter Should Watch: Obama's 48 month-retrospective.

Navy SEALS Respond After Media Matters Calls Them 'Gutless'.

Rev. Childress on Alex Jones, Abortion is Eugenics Destroying Black Americans.

As the Mid East is in turmoil & the economy worsens democrats want Jerusalem and God out!

Claims Obama Hid "Gay Life" to become president.

No Main Stream Media Will Cover This Racist Rant of Abortionist "Ugly Black Babies." - Watch video

Obama Calls For democracy with a small D - Watch video

A real man of God prays at the Democratic Convention Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

The Untold Story Of Sanford "The Tragic Death Of Trayvon Martin Brings New Life"
Watch Video

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America Cannot Survive an Obama Nation

President Obama has promised to "change our politics" as the first African American president in U.S. history. The question is: “What kind of ‘change’ will America experience with Obama now elected president?” Barack Obama thinks that partial birth abortion is a "legitimate medical procedure."

Barack Obama opposes parental notification of minor girls before they abort.

Barack Obama has stated “the first thing I’d do as president“ would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would overturn every local, state, and federal abortion law passed in the past 35 years. To view this video, click here. To help fight FOCA, go to www.fightfoca.com.

Recently, the political and religious left has been actively attempting to redefine “social justice” to refer to other issues at the exclusion of the greatest holocaust the world has ever known.

Abortion kills over 3200 Americans per day, and 1.2 million per year.

Christians for Social Justice shares the concern for other social justice issues like poverty, education, health care, fair wages, and the war in Iraq. However, America will not make progress on these important issues without addressing the wholesale slaughter of the pre-born.

Obama trivializes abortion by his attempt to find consensus social issues on which to base his campaign. He has a long record that neglects protecting pre-born children. 1452 black babies lose their lives to abortion every day in America. Unbelievably, Obama continues to refuse to address the disproportionate killing of African American babies in their mother's womb. Obama even supports the killing of born and partially born children.

Obama claims to stand for justice but neglects to try to stop abortion. The purpose of this website is to expose the hypocrisy, and the danger, of President Barack Obama.

For the sake of our nation and our progeny, President Barack Hussein Obama's rabid pro-abortion policies must be exposed and opposed.


Warmly in Christ,
Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

Executive Director, Christians for Social Justice
Founder, Obamanation.com